New SMS provider for SA

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Engage integrated SMS text message service for schools

New SMS provider

Engage integrated SMS text message service for schools

With South African schools having had numerous issues with the original South African SMS provider, the Board has agreed to allow all South African schools to use Engage’s global provider.

The cost will be subsidised by Engage (subject to fair use) but the result will be SMSs which are sent swiftly and safely.

What’s the charge?

The charge is a fixed 16c+VAT per SMS. This is a set rate and remains the same regardless of the pre-paid bundle bought.

Why use Engage’s integrated SMS capability?

The benefits are numerous and detailed here.


Does the charge vary?

  • No. No matter how many SMSs a South African school purchases, the rate stays the same

If a school is currently using the South African provider, how does it change to Engage’s global supplier?

  • Simple – the school emails Jenny Dry (Regional Manager) requesting the change and the number of SMSs they want to pre-purchase. The changeover will then be arranged

How many SMSs can a school buy?

  • Pre-paid bundles are available for 3,000; 5,000; 10,000; 20,000; 40,000; 60,000

It starts with an email to Jenny Dry

When you have emailed Jenny Dry requesting the changeover, HQ will be advised and the school will receive an invoice for the requested SMS bundle. Finally, Support will contact the school to re-configure Engage and allocate the bundle.

Then you can start to send SMSs with confidence.

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