Engage school management information system

School children at Bishop Gavin

“When I think back pre-Engage, I now see the incredible value that the system has added to our School”
Eswee Prinsloo, Deputy Head, Head of Operations, Pridwin Preparatory School, Johannesburg.

Our award winning Engage school information management system offers the best of all worlds:

  • At-your-fingertips information for teachers, parents and students available on access-anywhere web portals and mobile apps
  • Learning management platform for students
  • Complex tasks and reports managed on the desktop app
  • web access gives powerful analytical reports across individual schools and school groups

Engage’s fully inclusive core functions cover all the academic, administrative, financial as well as parent, staff and pupil communication functions which any independent school might need. Scroll the section above for more specifics or view the summaries below for an overview.

Engage is the Key

The key for any school is its ability to turn the collected data not only into into information, but knowledge, thereby empowering your school to make informed decisions.

Engage does just this.


Engage for all schools

Engage provides the best of all worlds in school education management information software for fee-paying and independent private schools and part-government funded schools.

From a small pre-nursery to a large high school, Engage brings considerable benefits.

Single Source of Truth

Engage becomes the Single Source of Truth for all your school's data - the Technological Heart of the School.


Engage can either be installed on your in-house hardware or in the cloud. Your choice. For both options, full advice can be given on security and Internet requirements.

Either way you’ll benefit from our policy of continual investment in the product and free updates for the lifetime of your contract.

Device agnostic

PC, Mac or both? Laptop, tablet, phone? School IT has never been more diverse and the Engage school management information system is geared to cope with multiple methods, in school or remotely.

Third party friendly

Engage offers an Integration API and already links to a number of leading third party solutions as standard - see our Integration Partners page. We have wide experience of linking with other applications.

We can also knit Engage right into your school website with minimal fuss using our Website Admissions module.

Secure communications

Engage has the unique ability to ensure that all communications (including texts) within Engage, however made, between students, staff, parents and contacts are fully encrypted and tracked.

Engage for school groups

Right from the early days of its development Engage was developed to work in a completely joined up way across school groups as well as standalone schools. The Engage Group Analytics dashboard offers a drill-down global overview of many key indicators including student pipe-line, marketing success, 'at-a-glance' performance of individual students to school and group level, enabling early response to successes and weaknesses.


Engage has international capabilities including the ability for the database to support worldwide character sets. Hence, for each of a school's users, many of Engage's tabs can be set to each user's preferred language.

Assessment reports can be written in any language using any characterset.

Engage for South Africa

Developed in the UK by our in-house team, honed with leading international schools around the world and localised for South Africa, Engage offers everything you'd expect from a modern school management information solution including Auto-Lurits submissions and extremely flexible Marksheets with advanced calculation functions to enable precise monitoring of academic performance.

Engage Finance

Standard features
  • Customisable charges including fees, deposits, insurances and ad-hoc payments
  • Deposit management functionality and quick receipt feature for multiple cash receipts
  • Engage Fees detail drilldown
  • Bank reconcilliation reports
  • Supplier record report
  • Fixed asset annual summary report
  • Link with the Parent Portal, enabling parents to view their account details
  • Links to Engage Activities for billing of extra-curricular activities and events
  • Invoicing per student or per family
  • Automated sibling discount functionality
  • Invoicing by email
  • Non-academic billing for rentals or the sale of goods and services
  • Links to Teacher and Staff portal for individual budget control