Engage schools in Southern Africa

Sy Cyprians School with Table Mountain behind

Kingswood College, Grahamstown

“With 950 pupils, Kingswood College adopted Engage in 2017 to enable their goals of fostering each pupil’s spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, cultural and physical development, to be met.

“Within 18 months of implementation, I have just two words with which to describe Engage,” said Allayne Guest, Head of Academic Administration,

“Effective and Efficient."

Allayne Guest, Head of Academic Administration, Kingswood College

Knights Preparatory School, Johannesburg

“At Knights we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual in our care and Engage has made it possible for us to do this in real practical ways every day.

"Our school is more connected and our parents receive feedback and information that is pertinent to their children. Our parents love seeing the DayBook notifications which allow them to engage meaningfully with their children on what has happened at school.

"I love that our school community is connected regardless of where we are geographically."

Michelle McMenamin, Principal, Knights Preparatory School

Pridwin Preparatory School, Johannesburg

“The curve of our growth plans and forward thinking innovation could not be met with our existing software.

"We created a list of requirements and evaluated nine systems with three-hour long presentations from five companies, looking at usability, functionality, and their ability to grow with us.

"Engage stood out in every area. There was no doubt regarding the choice to be made."

Eswee Prinsloo, Deputy Head and Head of Operations

Kingswood College, Grahamstown

"Engage has an unparalleled depth of functionality like no other when compared to other providers.

"Having worked on many educational management systems, I must complement Engage on such an outstanding product. This is by far the most advanced educational management system I have ever seen in my career to date."

Dane Christian, IT Manager, Kingswood College, Grahamstown

Bishop Bavin School, Johannesburg

"When I saw Engage, I was immediately struck by how vastly superior it is to anything else being offered in the South African market, particularly products that pertain to independent schools. All school data is centralised, thereby eliminating the duplication of information and ensuring that there is just one version of the truth used and accessed by all stakeholders.

Not only will this improve the content and reliability of our communication, but we will also be able to do away with the separate systems for administration, timetabling, parent communication and billing that we currently use. I do believe Engage will make a significant difference to the way we operate, and will elevate us above our competitors in the way we run the school and communicate with our stakeholders."

Alistair Dry, Executive Headmaster, Bishop Bavin School, Johannesburg

St Cyprian's School, Cape Town

"We took a very intentional decision several years ago to embrace a 21st Century approach to learning by fully integrating our use of technology to improve learning, rather than just using devices in a standalone way. Our decision to install Engage has made an enormous difference and enabled us to deliver that integrated approach while also improving access to information and enhancing our environmental custodianship by moving towards a more paperless society. We track the measurables in Engage but also capture things like commendations, to help us understand personal development as well as academic achievement over time, exactly in line with the school’s values and objectives.

I have been absolutely delighted with the functionality of Engage, as well as the inherent message that our use of it gives to all our stakeholders, teachers, students, parents and beyond. It especially meets the needs of a younger generation of parents and students who have grown up in this era."

Sue Redelinghuys, Principal, St Cyprian's School, Cape Town

Kingsmead College, Johannesburg

"With Engage I love the fact that everything works together. It’s not just a system to record marks – it spans everything from timetabling to parent communication and more. We only signed up in October [2015] and by the end of November I had finished the training and completed the timetable for this academic year. We have implemented the Parent Portal and distribute our reports that way. Before we used to email them but would then have to deal with requests for duplicates when parents could not find them. Now they are all in one place. We can do things in a much more organised way with Engage. There’s so much potential in it and it’s been great that the Engage development team listens to our comments and incorporates improvements specifically for South African schools – that’s a huge plus."

Lora Foot, Director of Education Technology, Kingsmead College, Johannesburg