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firefly-logoEngage works seamlessly with Firefly, a supremely powerful learning management platform provider based in the UK. Our integration enables the sharing of student, class and teacher information to eliminate the need for double-keying of data. See also the Double First Engage Pupil and Student PortalParent Portal and Teacher Portal.



Salamander Active Directory enables the automatic creation and maintenance of users and groups in Active Directory, Office 365, G Suite for Education and Apple School Manager, directly from Engage. It will also handle the leavers process as well as synchronising timetables to Exchange/Outlook and Google Calendar.

Ensures that new users are consistently and fully set up as they arrive so they can start teaching or learning immediately.



frog-logoWith just one hop Engage integrates with Frog, a widely adopted learning platform from another supremely capable provider. Contact us to see how we can share student, class and teacher information to eliminate the need for double-keying of information. See also the Double First Engage Pupil and Student PortalParent Portal and Teacher Portal.


TimeTabler and other timetable softwares

TimeTablerThose who create a school's timetable often prefer to use a software with which they are already familiar. TimeTabler is a great favourite, worldwide with which Engage integrates fully allowing the full functionality of Engage to be kept intact. Engage has enjoyed being partnered with TimeTabler for many years.

In addition, Engage links to Untis and ASC. If there is a timetable to which you'd like to link, please let us know.



Ideco logo

A South African company, Ideco is a major provider of bio-metric identification access systems not only to schools, but major organisations, worldwide. Engage is discussing a deeper integration with Ideco.


Papyrus Library

Papyrus library

Developed in South Africa, Papyrus is an excellent school library system, fully linked to Engage. Special pricing offers exist to schools wanting to take Papyrus Professional or to move from another library to Papyrus. Contact: Ken Fargher - cell +27 (0) 83 6 102030 or email


Libwin Library

Libwin library

Another South African library software is LibWin. LibWin has yet to create their links to Engage and has all the necessary information and detail to enable them so to do. Contact: Robert Basson - cell +27 (0) 82 901 4255 or email


Oliver Library

Oliver library

Oliver library is the world's leading library system, used by many Engage schools worldwide. In South African terms it's expensive, so its capabilities need to be understood to understand the value it might bring to a school or school group. Oliver Library has been fully integrated with Engage for many years.


Sage Pastel accounts and others

Sage pastel accountsFor school Bursaries which want to continue using their existing Sage Pastel accounts suite but utilise the power of linking to Engage Fees, Engage is fully integrated with Sage Pastel.

Furthermore, Engage has established links with many other softwares, including Sage 50, 200, 500 and Evolution, as well as Quickbooks and CfBT.




The last three years has seen the South African created DevMan come on in leaps and bounds as a professional 'grant making, bursary and donor management software' to which Engage links.

The only effective way to exceed DevMan's capabilities is to move to Toucan (see below).



Toucan TechToucan Tech, a UK company, has created one of the most powerful Old Scholars and Fund Raising softwares to which links are being created with Engage.


SBS Online

SBS Online logoEngage works in close partnership with SBS Online to offer an innovative budget management tool for the Engage school management information system. SBS Online offers long term budget planning and monitoring in one easy-to-use interface, for single and multiple schools.



GroupCall-logoEngage is a GroupCall Technical Partner, which opens access for Engage schools to over 50 third party software systems such as Biostore, Library Systems and Classroom Monitor. Talk to us about how you can use Groupcall solutions to carry out offline attendance marking, view timetables, medical information and behaviour notes.



educater logo

Educater enables teachers to record assessment information quickly and has a direct impact on the way they plan a student's learning. It enables leaders to analyse attainment and progress efficiently, both to understand the needs of their school and report to others. Reports from the school data analysis software can identify gaps in learning and aid lesson and curriculum planning for schools.

The system offers a shared solution which enables schools to work closely together resulting in improved data sharing, moderation of children’s work and consistency in teacher assessment.