Integration Partners

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Schools sometimes ask if Engage can integrate with one or more of their school's existing ancilliary software.

We find there are two main reasons for this. Familiarity, or wanting to use a specific product which enhances Engage.

The answer is usually ‘yes.’ We categorise integration with these additional softwares as Solution Partners, Alternative Functionality Partners, and Data Brokers.

Currently, Engage plays nicely with the following providers.


Solution Partners

A Solution Partner is one with which Engage integrates to provide a solution to an educational or operational area for which Engage is not currently wholly designed.



Solution Partner

SalamanderSoft's Active Directory enables the automatic creation and maintenance of users and groups in Active Directory, Office 365, G Suite for Education and Apple School Manager, directly from Engage. SalamanderSoft also handles the leavers process as well as synchronising timetables to Exchange/Outlook and Google Calendar.

In other words, SalamanderSoft ensures that new users are consistently and fully set up as they arrive so they can start teaching or learning immediately.


Papyrus Library

Solution Partner

Papyrus library

Developed in South Africa, Papyrus is an excellent school library system, fully linked to Engage.

Papyrus offers special pricing to schools wanting to take Papyrus Professional or to move from another library to Papyrus. Contact: Ken Fargher - cell +27 (0) 83 6 102030 or email


Oliver Library

Solution Partner

Oliver library

Oliver Library is the world's leading library system, used by many Engage schools, worldwide.

In South African terms it's expensive, so its extensive capabilities need to be understood to evaluate the value Oliver might bring to a school or school group.

Oliver Library has been fully integrated with Engage for many years.


Untis timetable

Solution Partner

Untis timetableUntis offers the unique benefit of enabling your school to list efficiency rules, such as maximising temporary teaching time.

Engage integrates fully, displaying the timetable, combining staff substitution, lesson planning and so many other specifics. Untis can be used in 35 languages, and meets the requirements demanded by German International schools.


ASC Timetables

Solution Partner

ASC Timetables is a firm favourite in South Africa.

In use by 150,000 schools in 173 countries, ASC remains firmly focussed on the specific requirements of each country in which it is used - just like Engage. Integration with ASC will be complete by July/August 2019.



Solution Partner

TimeTablerThose who create a school's timetable often prefer to use a software with which they are already familiar.

TimeTabler is a great worldwide favourite, with which Engage integrates allowing the full functionality of Engage to be kept intact. Engage has enjoyed being partnered with TimeTabler for many years.


TimeTabling Solutions

Solution Partner

Timetabling Solutions provides sophisticated software for constructing, managing and publishing a school timetable.

Timetabling Solutions is developed and supported by professional timetablers and used by a large number of independent schools, worldwide.



Solution Partner

The InVentry sign in and visitor management system is trusted by more than 5,000 schools and colleges in the UK, helping to improve the efficiency of building entry. Schools can accurately monitor who is onsite at any one time.

Integration means all staff and pupil information is read directly from Engage. New year groups, staff and pupils are automatically added to InVentry when placed on Engage.



Solution Partner

Ideco logo

A South African company, Ideco is a major provider of bio-metric identification access systems not only to schools, but major organisations, worldwide.

At the request of some South African schools Engage is discussing deeper integration with Ideco.



Solution Partner

ToucanTechToucanTech, a UK company, has created one of the most powerful Old Scholars and Fund Raising softwares to which links are being created with Engage.


Libwin Library

Solution Partner

Libwin library

Another South African library software is LibWin.

LibWin can link to Engage and has all the necessary information and detail to enable them so to do. Contact: Robert Basson - cell +27 (0) 82 901 4255 or email


Alternative Functionality Partners

An Alternative Functionality Partner is one with which Engage integrates to provide related functionality with another product a school wants to keep using.



Alternate Functionality Partner

Teamie helps the school harness the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging.

It can help create a safe and secure network for instructors and learners to interact and learn. Teamie can take data from Engage to save the school time in data entry and ensure synchronicity.



Alternate Functionality Partner

firefly-logoEngage works seamlessly with Firefly, a supremely powerful learning management platform provider based in the UK and Australia.

The integration with Engage enables the sharing of student, class and teacher information to eliminate the need for double-keying of data.

See also the Engage Pupil and Student PortalParent Portal and Teacher Portal.



Alternate Functionality Partner

frog-logoWith just one hop Engage integrates with Frog, a widely adopted learning platform from another supremely capable provider.

See also the Engage Pupil and Student PortalParent Portal and Teacher Portal.


Titus Learning

Alternate Functionality Partner

Titus Learning is a certified Moodle Partner providing smartly tailored e-learning services for schools and colleges around the world.

Titus handpicks services to address specific Moodle requirements including bespoke themes, system integration, or custom development. Engage integration offers data synchronicity with Moodle.

See also the Engage Pupil and Student PortalParent Portal and Teacher Portal.


My Learning

Alternate Functionality Partner

My Learning operates in 112 languages in 14 countries on smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

It provides digital tools and online communities for state and private schools which integrate with MIS, Office and Google services, comprising homework, file storage, communications and parent portals together with integrated LMS/VLE and website authoring tools.

See also the Engage Pupil and Student PortalParent Portal and Teacher Portal.



Alternate Functionality Partner

Edval is a leading school timetable generation system, used globally.

It provides highly automated solutions, using complex algorithms allowing better quality timetables to be generated. Edval timetable software data can easily be uploaded to Engage, including the timetable and class lists.



Alternate Functionality Partner

RSAdmissions is a specialist admissions management and marketing reporting system designed and supported by people who have ‘done the job’.

The relationship between RSAdmissions and Engage began sixteen years ago when both companies recognised their joint complementary expertise in understanding that admissions data needed to provide the basis for marketing data. Engage is delighted to continue working and integrating with RSAdmissions.

The RSAdmissions team continues to innovate, providing sophisticated key performance indicators at the touch of a button whilst maintaining easy to learn and use customer relationship management tools.



Alternate Functionality Partner

SchoolPost brings together email, SMS, secure web-based messaging and online reply and consent forms into an integrated, interactive and customisable package.

SchoolPost integrates with Engage so that your contact details are shared between the systems.


Sage Pastel accounts and many others

Alternate Functionality Partner

Sage pastel accountsFor school Bursaries which want to continue using their existing Sage Pastel accounts suite but utilise the power of linking to Engage Fees, Engage is fully integrated with Sage Pastel.

Furthermore, Engage has established links with many other softwares, including Sage 50, Sageline 50, 200, 500, Quickbooks, CfBT, Peach Tree, and Tally.

In 2019, Engage will link with Sage Evolution.


Xero accounts

Alternate Functionality Partner

Xero acconutsFor school Bursaries wanting to use Xero accounts without losing the power of Engage Fees, Engage Fees is fully integrated with Xero Acconuts.

With no loss of data between Engage Fees and Xero accounts, the Bursary can be confident of a seamless operation.



Alternate Functionality Partner


The last four years has seen the South African created DevMan develop considerably into a professional 'grant making, bursary and donor management software' to which Engage links.

DevMan is comprehensive, cost effective and a practical cloud-based solution for organisations seeking to maximise income potential from donors.

The only effective way to exceed DevMan's capabilities is to move to Toucan (see above).


Classroom Monitor

Alternate Functionality Partner

Classroom Monitor is an app and website which lets teachers capture learning as it happens.

Engage links to Classroom Monitor seamlessly – speak to us about the available options.



Alternate Functionality Partner

educater logo

Educater enables teachers to record assessment information quickly and has a direct impact on the way they plan a student's learning. It enables leaders to analyse attainment and progress efficiently, both to understand the needs of their school and report to others. Reports from the school data analysis software can identify gaps in learning and aid lesson and curriculum planning for schools.

The system offers a shared solution which enables schools to work closely together resulting in improved data sharing, moderation of children’s work and consistency in teacher assessment.


Data Broker

A Data Broker is a partner which acts as a data 'middleman', between Engage and another program.



Data Broker

Engage is a GroupCall Technical Partner, which opens access for Engage schools to over 50 third party software systems such as Biostore, Library Systems and Classroom Monitor.



Data Broker

Wonde enables the automatic creation and maintenance of users and groups in Active Directory, Office 365 and G Suite.

For IT, it's a big challenge for edtech third party application to connect and synchronise their services with the all important data inside your school management information system.

Wonde is a well known and trusted integration company. Engage is thrilled to partner with Wonde to offer this service to Engage schools. As school data transfer specialists, Wonde is used by over 125 different edtech applications and thousands of schools.

Using Wonde's free portal, schools have complete clarity and control over the data they share with their third party applications. Wonde’s dedicated support team is always on hand to help with the initial set-up and to provide ongoing assistance, where required.

Wonde also offers a free Single Sign-On solution to help schools manage their logins. Sign in methods include handy QR codes and emoji passwords.