Mike Taylor, Operations Director for Engage

Mike Taylor, Operations Director for Engage

Mike Taylor, Operations Director at our UK parent company, Double First, has been in charge of coordinating worldwide implementations of Engage since 2011. Depending upon each school’s specific requirement, Mike brings into play the many Implementation Managers and Trainers at his disposal.

With many hundreds of implementations to his credit, Mike has a detailed understanding of the needs of schools and school groups.

Implementation Managers

An Engage Implementation Manager is assigned to every new school to be responsible for guiding the school through the various facets for successful implementation. These typically include data extraction from existing software(s), potential changes to existing processes and training.

Staff buy-in

A ‘soft’ but key element to success, is staff buy-in which can so easily be overlooked. This specific should not be seen as part of the training schedule but as separate short snap-shot presentations to teaching staff, academics, administrators and bursary staff.

The implementation diary

A diarised program is agreed from start to ‘go-live’ and for the following two terms by which time every element of Engage should be fully implemented and flying.

Implementation Teams

Engage implementation teams operate from the UK, South Africa, Kenya, the UAE and Singapore. By ensuring team members have local knowledge for each region, we assist and advise on how best to implement Engage to make the most of its capabilities whilst meeting regional requirements and your school’s priorities.

Good implementation coupled with good training is the key to success, ensuring your staff will love using Engage. Users will find Engage easy and intuitive to use. Staff and Parents will have key information at their fingertips, ensuring the school maximises on its investment.