Engage integrated SMS text message service for schoolsMany schools use text messaging as a vital method of communicating with parents and staff for emergency situations as well as routine information.

Built-in text messaging tools

The Engage school management information system has a rich suite of in-built text messaging tools, capable of reaching targeted individuals or defined groups.

Key features

  • All mail merge templates can be sent as the body of a personalised text message to single or groups of parents, pupils and staff
  • Quick impersonal messages can be sent to single or groups of parents, pupils and staff
  • SMS can be sent to parents quickly and individually directly from the contacts area
  • Access to SMS services can be defined by the security settings within Engage
  • Certain absence types (set by the school) in attendance marking can trigger an SMS to be sent either automatically on taking attendance or at a set time in the day

The South African SMS provider integrates fully with Engage.


Three commonly asked questions, are:
Who is the South African bulk provider?
SMSS, South Africa’s leading global provider of bulk messaging, with which Engage integrates.

Can we control which staff can send texts?
Yes. The SMS features are fully integrated with the Engage security settings. Staff can have all SMS options hidden if preferred.

What happens if someone replies to an SMS?
Like many bulk SMS services you won’t see the reply. We advise you to add a preferred return contact mechanism within the body or your message if the message is likely to solicit responses.