Integration API

API concept illustration

Engage – flexibly interconnected

Concept illustration of an APIEngage has several methods of providing interconnectivity with the rich world of its data, features and functions. These include:

  • an API that is evolves in harmony with ever expanding interoperability demands
  • direct links with key partners
  • working with major data brokers including Groupcall, Salamander School Data Sync, Wonde and Zinet

Engage API

Engage's Application Programme Interface (API) provides the opportunity for third parties to interconnect with Engage using our toolbox. The API is coded to latest standards, protected by a token. It is a 'RESTful' API and works on a 'get' and 'set' basis.

Our API development is based on a rapid development platform, which allows for responsive action to new requirements.

We welcome any discussion with you about requirements for interconnectivity and how they might best be addressed.