Engage Timetable on the Parent Portal

Engage Timetable on the Parent PortalEngage Timetable is a powerful and comprehensive curriculum planning and staff substitution tool, managing down to individual student, staff member and room.

Key features

The Engage Timetable can be used in either manual or automatic modes and can handle multiple timetables.

  •  Option for one-week or two-week timetables
  •  Manual or automatic with drag and drop amendment capability
  •  Creation using pre-defined parameters
  •  Full integration with the Staff and Attendance Modules as well as the online Portals
  •  Setting of individual timetable parameters for each grade
  •  Creation of multiple timetables for each grade
  •  Individual student timetable printouts
  •  Period locking – ideal for registration times or fixed tutorial sessions
  •  Easy location of staff and students by using the staff and student finder function
  •  Flexible staff planning by allocating preferred periods and identifying part-time staff
  •  Ability to manage Staff Substitution and identify available teachers
  •  Timetable print options in formats suitable for form rooms, staff rooms or school notice boards

Time Overlays

A major capability within Engage is to prepare for future timetable changes by having pre-computed timetables automatically becoming live at future dates, regardless of whether Engage Timetable or a third party timetable software has been used.

Integration with other Timetable softwares

The full power of Engage and the Engage Timetable module remain intact when using a third party Timetable software.

Keith Johnson’s TimeTabler (see Partners) has a full integration with Engage. Later in 2018, a full integration with Untis (see Partners) will be available.