Teacher and Staff Portal

Engage Staff PortalThe Teacher and Staff Portal provides staff and teachers with everything they need for their work.

Key student and school information is individually made available for teachers, headmasters and senior academic staff on web browsing enabled computers, mobile devices, and smart phones from any location including the school, home or whilst on holiday!

Staff Portal features include:

  •  The ability to complete student reports for parents, with marking and report comments
  •  Full attendance marking for each class and lesson
  •  Detailed information about students and class groups
  •  The ability to log incidents and actions directly to a class or student, including Merits, Misbehaviour and Medical issues
  •  Setting incidents, actions or documents to be viewed by parents, or only by teachers
  •  Flexible permission levels to ensure appropriate access can be planned and secured
  •  Linking directly to the school’s Engage database
  •  Secure remote access, depending on the school’s hosting arrangements
  •  Enables teachers to have access to student data without downloading software to their local machine
  •  Being able to send and receive notices, which can be set to expire automatically
  •  An easy to use interface – enabling new members of staff to learn how to use the portal in an hour or less

Portal Calendar

Double First Engage Portal Calendar pluginThe Portal Calendar plugin is an integrated enhancement to the Engage portal.

It enables event planning to be monitored and controlled across all departments of the school in a familiar style.

Key features of the calendar include:

  •  Access by multiple users to enable information to be shared across departments
  •  Options to view by day, week or month to see both an overview of events and specific details with a single click
  •  Ability to check multiple calendars in one screen with the option to switch individual calendars on and off
  •  Export and import functions for popular third party calendars such as Microsoft Outlook, Google and Apple’s iCal
  •  Manage one Calendar in one place, but have automated changes take place in all linked calendars
  •  Multiple export possible using different combinations of Portal Calendars
  •  Recurring Events can be created in the Portal Calendar making it easy for teachers to create regular meetings or events
  •  The School Events Calendar can be managed from the Portal as well as the client app, enabling more control of events for Schools
  •  The Calendar has Day, Week and Month displays, as well as an Agenda screen that provides an excellent view of what is happening in the near future
  •  Formatted calendar printouts