Staff day out – 12 July 2019

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Staff hear of another year of recordsAmidst the breath-taking and rare collection of 400 cars and motorcycles at the Haynes International Motor Museum in the UK, staff revelled in a dedicated afternoon to hear about the ongoing success the company is having and how best to serve our community of customers in the future.

Fantastic performance

‘Another record year was the theme,’ said Barry Anns, CEO. ‘How better than to celebrate surrounded by record breaking motor cars and cycles?

’Records were broken in so many areas,’ continued Barry. ‘More schools were added than ever before, mostly from the UK but followed by the Far East, South Africa and Australia.

‘This last year saw Engage in six new countries, showing how Engage is truly a global product. That’s 51 countries world-wide, with additional offices in South Africa and Australia.’


Barry made the point that a level of confusion had become evident in that some schools knew us as Double First, others as Engage.

‘To overcome this dual-branding,’ said Barry to an intrigued audience, ‘we will be refreshing the company with a single, focussed and defined brand by the end of the year.’

Engage and Functionality

‘Functionality is key,’ said Paul Rastall, Chief Technical Officer, as he briefed on product strategy. ‘We have the most feature rich, versatile and accomplished school management system in the world. Even so, we will never stand still. Engage will continue to evolve.’

Outlining some of the key strategic elements, Paul emphasised the fundamental of providing the needs of the global school community within the expanding Engage ecosystem.

Adopting a Charity

Returning to the stage, Barry announced the company’s adoption of a global charity, Street Child United.

‘We have decided to adopt Street Child United. Why? We have shared values and a huge amount of synergy in what we do. Our goal is not only to fund-raise but to help amplify the message that every child has a voice and every right to be heard. We will achieve this through our influence in the marketplace.’

Drum Café – feel the rhythm!

Drum CafeBefore the evening BBQ, Drum Café led us all in a fun filled but challenging, sharing of rhythm.

Positive and motivational

With the great smell of the BBQ, the day’s events gradually came to a close.

‘Thanks for today,’ said Richard Turpin from the company’s marketing team. ‘It was a useful and fun session. Positive and motivational.’

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