Website Admissions module

Engage Website AdmissionsThe optional Engage Website Admissions multi-form module takes an enquiry from a school website and enters that data straight into Engage, saving valuable time and avoiding lost enquiries.

The Enhanced Website Admissions module was developed after requests from key schools which had found that potential applicants were starting to complete application forms but not finishing them for whatever reason – usually their complexity.

Enhanced Website Admissions

Engage developed the module as a fully interactive, on-screen, multi-form application system to be embedded into your school’s website.

When completing the on-screen form, applicants are able to upload documents, making the whole process administratively simple whilst enhancing the school’s marketing capability and enabling full analytical tracking of student pipe-lines.


The first application form needs to be simple to complete to ensure no enquiry is missed. Depending on your school’s process this would be followed by a user login where the next form is found requesting more detail. This can be continued form after form, depending on how your school wants it to operate. At all times, the Registrar is in control.

Using this login, parents of prospective students can check the progress of their applications and add requested additional information.

Key features include

  • Automatic email alerts to registrar informing of new enquiries
  • Website admission rate enhanced, with a clear, easy completed form
  • Form is embedded in the school website and is easily implemented
  • Option to upload documents with direct links to the document management system
  • Parents can login to view the progress of prospective students and to submit further data and uploads
  • Multiple template styles can be chosen for different admission stages
  • Alternative labels and colours can be chosen for any field
  • Options to choose additional fields and make them mandatory
  • Drop down lists on the tool are automatically linked to the same settings in Engage
  • Submitted enquiries are instantly downloaded and stored in Engage, pending Registrar approval
  • The newly submitted data can be accessed easily via the Prospective Pupil screen

Increased Applications

One of our South African schools which implemented the Web Admissions module, has reported an increase of more than 2 additional applications a week.