Engage Anti PlagiarismVerifying the originality of students’ work has become more and more of a problem given the many resources available through the Internet, let alone between students.

Many stand-alone anti-plagiarism softwares and websites exist, but having to upload students’ work wastes valuable time and in many cases is excessively expensive.

Engage’s Anti-Plagiarism module

To help schools make is easy and simple to verify students’ work whilst reducing costs considerably, the Engage optional anti-plagiarism module has been completed and is fully integrated within the Students’ Learning Management Platform.

When activated, areas of work which have been plagiarised are highlighted and the source identified. According to a student’s permission level, the anti-plagiarism module can also allow a student to verify their own work before submission.

How does Engage’s module work?

Engage has integrated its Student Learning Management Platform with VeriCite, the anti-plagiarism website recognised by the International Baccalaureate (IB) as well as the IEB as the most competent and complete anti-plagiarism verifier, worldwide.

Vericite logoVeriCite makes no additional or hidden charges. For example:

  • No setup fee
  • No charge for accessing recorded and webinar training
  • No charge for seeding a school’s database with its last 4 years of assignments

Key features

  • Recognised by the IB and IEB as the resource to use
  • The originality of a student’s work is made simple and effective
  • Depending upon permission levels, a student can verify their own work in their Student Portal
  • Work is verified across many millions of sources worldwide as well as between students
  • Integration with Engage removes having to have a separate standalone software and reduces costs