Parent Evening Manager

Engage Parents Evening Manager

Engage Parents Evening ManagerThe Engage Parents’ Evening Manager provides a school with the professional tools necessary easily to organise excellent face-to-face contact with parents and guardians.

Its planning tools manage scheduling, invitations, break slots and acceptances via the Teacher and Parent Portals. A school can monitor booking percentages to ensure the right results are achieved.

Key Features

The key features of the Parents’ Evening Manager, include

  • Batches of meetings can be formed between assigned contacts, students and staff
  • Staff can monitor which contacts have booked with them
  • Staff can manage their event diaries and set unavailable periods
  • Staff can manually book meetings and issue notices to parents
  • Parents can access a booking page to see all teachers they are required to meet
  • Parents can be provided with an optional range of times and confirm with one-click booking
  • Parents are able to receive notices from staff and invitations to specific meetings
  • The bookng schedule remains available to view once confirmed for event planning
  • Bookings can be printed out for easy reference on the evening
  • Booking percentages are monitored by contact, teacher and event
  • Set-up access is governed by permissions management