Staff and Teacher App

Engage Teacher App

The Engage staff and Teacher App works alongside the Teacher portal to give access to key information whether on-site or ‘on the go’, and is iOS and Android compliant.

Staff and Teacher App complements the Portals

Engage Teacher AppThe Teacher App was released after many requests on Share Ideas and at User Groups, for an app which teachers and staff could use on their smart phones, with one major caveat. Their personal data allowance should not to be used when, for example, taking registration on the sports field.

Although the caveat sounded simple, in practice it required a complex solution which our brilliant development team resolved, thereby allowing the user to do as requested, namely to take registration whilst out of wi-fi range without using mobile data allowance, yet automatically updating Engage when back in wi-fi range.

Key features

Working with iOS and Android devices, the Teacher App enables quick and secure access to attendance, timetabling, school notices and pupil information.

  • Access to your timetables, including assigned substitutions
  • Read and reply to school notices from parents and colleagues
  • Save lessons and calendar events directly to your phone calendar
  • Access parent contact details, with click-to-call or email functionality
  • Take attendance and view attendance data
  • Take registration without using personal data allowance with auto-update of Engage when back in wi-fi contact
  • Log-in using existing Staff Portal credentials
  • Check medical data and incidents
  • View pupil reports