Report Creator

Engage report creatorThe Report Creator within Engage enables the school to create customised Excel export reports for viewing on screen, printing or emailing.

Report Creator operates across every area of data, providing complete flexibility for a tailored solution.

It’s use is so simple. A Wizard leads you through the creation process to the final version of your required report, including the page design and layout, fonts and colours.

Key Features

Key features of the Report Creator include:

  •  Designed to create reports across a wide range of data
  •  Create your report using a Wizard, and store the template for re-use
  •  Fully configurable report appearance and formatting
  •  Excel export function
  •  Customised permission settings for creating, viewing and editing reports
  •  Combine data fields to create a single data entry in a report
  •  Report filtering enabling specific data to be viewed on each report
  •  Inclusion of up to 20 different data fields for each report
  •  Preview function which displays a snapshot of the field data being accessed by the report
  •  Ability to run different data sets against previously created report templates