Performance Tracking

Engage Performance Tracking

Engage Performance TrackingPerformance Tracking in Engage boosts academic performance by enabling accurate monitoring of each student’s achievements through one simple process.

Performance can be compared against previous academic years, national standards, students’ cohorts, and school-defined targets.

Key Features

The key features of Performance Tracking include:

  • Benchmarking of student performance
  • Importation of historical data
  • Easy analysis of past and present student data
  • Comparisons between individuals or groups of students
  • Display of student performance against national curriculum targets
  • Monitoring performance against pre-defined targets for effective forecasting
  • Traffic light displays (red, amber, green) to signal whether a student is above or below target

By using the data from the module, teachers can easily tailor their tuition to meet the needs of each individual student.

All analysis data captured in the Performance Tracking module can be exported and saved in Excel, enabling easy storage and access to past performance data.