Old Scholars and fund raising

Old Scholars

Old ScholarsEngage Past Students and Old Scholars is the area in Engage where the data, details and contacts of every previous student is kept, including any associated documents and images stored in the individual’s Document Management System.

Why keep historic student data?

Four key reasons drive schools to keep historic student data:

  • To be able to provide copies of past certificates and reports when an Old Scholar is applying for further education or employment
  • Having data for comparison research
  • Old scholars associations
  • Fund raising

An additional reason could be that it’s good policy to associate the school with an Old Scholar should they attain fame.

Fund raising research

Schools operate their Old Scholars, Associations and Fund raising is many different ways, and have varying results therefrom. Hence, in 2016, Engage undertook a research programme with its leading schools worldwide to establish the most effective methodologies available in today’s environment.

The results were eye-opening, challenging, far-reaching and of use to all schools, whatever its longevity. Engage would be pleased to share this knowledge with their South African schools serious about Old Scholars and Fund Raising.