Engage Marksheet“Our Teachers and Deputy Head are so pleased with the improvements in the Staff Portal Marksheet area. They are so impressed with the latest changes.”
Jutta Barends, Admissions Manager, Deutsche Schule Internationale, Johannesburg.

Marksheet Flexibility

The Engage Marksheet offers considerable flexibility, allowing a Head of Academic to allocate each teacher with the specific abilities they need. The Engage Marksheet will cater for schools of any size, from small to large, with a set-up and user experience capability to suit each individual teacher.

Key Marksheet features

A selection of some of the key Marksheet features, include:

  • Completely customisable by the school
  • Each class can have a different set of assessments and outcomes
  • Complete control over the evaluation points of the year
  • Assessments move between classes
  • Can work with external assessment information
  • Integrated with lesson planning for marking homework
  • Secured so teachers can see the data that they need to see but not the data they shouldn’t see
  • Data from other classes and evaluation points can be viewed on any marksheet (security permitting)
  • The columns and outcomes which appear in the marksheets can be setup centrally and distributed meaning you can setup common marksheets in minutes, with unlimited numbers of columns on each
  • If permitted staff can setup their own columns on the marksheets
  • Complex calculations can be created, covering basic functions like averages (mean, mode, median, highest and lowest) and more advanced functions such as position in class and IF statements – the columns can be added during the creation of the calculation or even added later by teachers
  • Weighting can be applied to the subject, the evaluation period and even to each column. These weightings can then be used in calculations
  • Calculations can be nested
  • Per Class Calculation – create a calculation per class based on Columns across Reporting Periods
  • Cross Subject Calculation – create a calculation based on columns across multiple subject Marksheets
  • Assessments can hold a variety of types, such as numbers, text(comments), dates, yes/no or drop downs. All items can have a description and a value
  • If enabled, the school can choose to use comment banks which allow pre-entry of comments but the children’s names, genders, form tutors and other fields will automatically be entered, thereby making for comments personalised
  • Data can be exported to Excel
  • Data from the marksheets can be gathered together and shown in reports which can be sent to parents or used for internal performance tracking
  • Important and up-to-date information can be shown next to the student in the marksheet

…and the feature list goes on an on.