Student Portal and Learning Management Platform

Engage Student Portal

Engage Student PortalThe Learning Management Platform module within the Engage Student portal adds a managed learning environment by facilitating the ability for a student to view essential information and interact with their teachers, remotely. Portal customisation options attract students to engage fully with the school, whether on campus or offsite.

A Homework Buddy and Homework Diary provide an interface to make in-school and remote homework easy to access and submit.

Student Portal features

  • Two alternative styles aimed at pre-teen and teenage age groups
  • Personalisation of the Portal through backgrounds and graphics of each user’s choice
  • Access to individual live/real time daily or weekly timetables
  • By permission, access to their own DMS for specific documents
  • Class list views with further information links
  • Administrators and Teachers can control and create student accounts
  • Students can access homework, classwork, assignments, reference/help information from school or home
  • Students are able to see future tasks and work plans
  • Full control of what’s accessible to students is managed through the Teacher Portal
  • Students can upload work or files which the teacher can view and mark
  • Students and parents can view marks and notes on handed in work
  • All work uploaded from the student is visible to the parent, including progress updates
  • Students can request teacher help, state work progress and hand in online