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Engage Analytics

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Engage Analytics is a fully responsive web dashboard that enables you to take a mountain-top view of vital group or school data, at a glance. From there you can drill down into as much detail as you require.

It is designed for school leaders, marketing staff and administrators to take in a picture of activity in their school or group, then to be able to interrogate as required without the necessity of opening Engage itself.

Key features

  • Set targets and forecasts and then monitor actual results against parameters that you set such as numbers on role, boarder status, gender splits and cohorts
  • Customised widgets can be created to suit its specific monitoring requirements
  • Analytics presents school data in simple graphical displays where information can be assessed at a glance
  • View the data at a group level (if appropriate) with the ability to drill down to individual school level, then grade, then individual pupil
  • Fully web enabled in a responsive skin that adapts automatically to large monitors, laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Widgets can be dragged and dropped, to be placed by users in their preferred priority order

Standard widgets

  • multi-school events
  • cohort tracking
  • incident tracking (behavioural, housepoints, achievement, discpline, medical, etc)
  • admissions pipeline using the school’s agreed stages
  • admissions conversions
  • numbers on role
  • numbers by gender and nationalty

…and the list goes on.