Engage document management system viewed on the Staff PortalThe Document Management System (DMS) becomes the school’s electronic filing cabinet and helps schools to ‘go green.’

Any document associated with a Parent, Student, Teacher or Staff member, can automatically be saved into their personal files. That’s everything – including invoices, assessment reports, emails and so on. Nothing’s lost and there’s no need to print.

The DMS also tracks and files all communications with students, pupils, parents and staff.

Your personal security settings dictate to which documents you have access.

Key Features

Some of the Document Management System’s key features include:

  • Central repository for all documentation, letters, invoices, emails and scanned items
  • Ability to associate the above with a Parent, Student, Teacher or Staff member
  • Mail merge functions
  • Flexible security settings control appropriate and confidential access
  • Search functions by author, date, student or file name
  • View all associated documents on the student record page
  • Create and manage document categories and settings

Hence, the DMS makes documents available to those with access permission, saves time, avoids lost and mis-placed documents, saves printing, paper, and ink, and declares a school is ‘going green.’