Engage BehaviourBehaviour enables teachers to record any incident involving any student, including achievements, discipline and medical notifications, each with its applicable levels of confidentiality.

Teachers can also add further details to attendance and non-attendance notes.

Key Features

Key features of Behaviour, include:

  • Recording of any achievement, detention, exclusion or medical incident against a student
  • Linking function, enabling the school to link a student to an incident or action involving other students
  • Integration with the Parent and Teacher Portals.
  • Reporting screen in the Parent Portal displaying all incidents involving their children, if enabled
  • A news ticker displaying to teachers with authorised access the latest incidents and actions logged during the day
  • A search function enabling staff to identify incidents from any day or involving any pupil or student
  • Access control on incident notifications
  • Option to set follow up actions against any logged incident
  • Automatic notifications of specific incidents can be enabled