Guides to adapting Engage for COVID-19 school return

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COVID-19 guides

COVID-19 guidesSchools are towards some form of new normality again and are either already hosting pupils and students on site, or are imminently due to do so. Among the myriad number of things to consider will be how to establish new routines in school management systems to deal with critical issues like social distancing-aware timetabling, how to manage parent meetings and tracking medical history.

Having dealt with some of the immediate issues around lock-down, the Engage team has been hugely focused on working through the typical scenarios faced by schools as their premises start to re-open. We’re now ready to launch the first nine of our COVID-19 special guides as follows:

  • Adding new Attendance Types to acommodate Social Distancing
  • Data Check in the Parent Portal – COVID-19
  • How to add extra periods in working data
  • How to add lunch as a lesson in working data
  • How to record if a staff or pupil has had COVID-19 in the first aid section of Engage
  • Recording Pupils who are Social Distancing
  • Remote Teacher Parent Meetings Guide
  • Using the Daybook for COVID-19 Information
  • Using the Timetable Module to manage Social Distancing

Each guide is presented in an easily downloadable PDF format, with clear explanations complete with screengrabs so you can follow each process through, step-by-step.

As we receive feedback we’ll improve and expand these guides in order to assist all customers with the many challenges they face right now to resume education on their premises while keeping all at school safe.

The guides are free to all existing customers of Engage and can be accessed by visiting the downloads section of our Support Centre. Filter on User Guides: COVID-19.

Look out for further announcements on this and other initiatives that we are working on right now to ensure our Engage school management system supports the needs of schools in this transitionary phase.

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