Engage guide to address new school challenges

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Back to school

Back to schoolAs schools around the world prepare to reconvene in stages they are being faced with new and often extreme challenges in order to satisfy the requirements placed on them to open safely. We know that Engage will play a key part in this re-organisation for many schools, such as by through re-timetabling to address social distancing rules. Feedback suggests there will be many other areas where schools will need to make adjustments, according to their own risk assessments, alongside regional and national regulations.

Understanding that this will be a busy time for everyone Engage Operations Director, Mike Taylor, is spearheading a task to gather as much best practice guidance as possible, given what we currently know. We want to make it as easy as we can for the schools to adjust their systems in ways they may never have had to consider before and our team is working quickly to assemble answers to the questions we suspect you’ll be asking.

We’ll have more news on the release of the first version of this COVID-19 Back to School guide early next week, but meantime if you want to suggest anything of specific concern to your school for inclusion, please get in touch using the contact form below or via the Support Centre.

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