Release 2019.08

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Engage 2019.08
The Engage 2019.08 release adds user input from Share Ideas, including three key additions to Staff and Student portal Timetables.

In addition, Calendars has more features added, and the UK Single Central Record Listings has updated reports.


With Share Ideas continuing to provide excellent user input, the 2019.08 release sees key developments to timetables within the portals:

For staff Timetables:

  • Break duties are now displayed
  • Staff substitutions now name the teacher covering the lesson

…and for Student Timetables:

  • The name of the substitution teacher is displayed instead of the original teacher


To save time, Calendar entries can be moved between calendars, and, when adding entries, the default calendar is the last calendar used.

UK Single Central Record Listings

Continuing to safeguard schools, Engage now keeps its vital reports up to date with the requirements of the UK Single Central Record Listings.

These, and many other developments are all listed in the 2019.08 Release Notes, available from Downloads in the Support Centre.

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