Daybook continues to be a hit

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Two recent enhancements to the Engage Daybook which have proven to be a hit, are the Daybook Marker and the removal of the Lock Manager.

Daybook Markers

A Daybook Marker allows any Daybook entry to have an icon displayed beside a Learner’s name when something is logged against them.

Hovering over the Marker icon shows a link direct to the Daybook record. When clicked, you go direct to the entry making access to the information and any associated attachments, quick and easy.

Removel of Lock Manager

Another recent and popular Daybook enhancement is the removal of the lock manager system from Daybook Markers in the Portal, enabling multiple users to work on allocations simultaneously.

Keep sharing your ideas

Both these enhancements came from the Share Ideas, where users of our Engage school management information system can losg their enhancement ideas, ensuring Engage can stay at the forefront of the latest educational and administrative demands.

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