Going paperless – a dream or reality?

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Going paperless - a dream or reality?

Engage enables schools to become paperless.

Paperless brings many associated benefits as well as becoming greener and saving paper, print and photocopier costs.

A Halcyon dream?

Is it really a halcyon dream? Yes, indeed. No more lost pieces of paper; no more ‘I can’t find it’; no more loss of fee adjustments; and more to the point, no potential threats of breach of data protection or confidentiality.

Going even greener

With no more printing using reams of paper, the school can safely declare it’s on course to becoming even greener, quite apart from thinking of the many cost savings.

Workflow Manager

Right now, by using Engage’s Daybook and Forms, your school can create forms from simple to as complex as you like, with as many levels of authorisations and confidentiality as required.

And even better, the same form can be used again and again with any attached document being saved and stored within Engage’s Document Management System.

A complex example – Boarding exeat

For example, the school may want its Boarding exeat to be raised by a parent complete with dates and times, the name and photo of the person collecting and delivering, and whether specific meals will be missed. On submission, the form could go to the House Master for authorisation, then to the Boarding Master for authorisation, onto to the Chef for meal adjustments, thence to the Bursary alerting potential fee adjustment, and finally to Security giving the details they need to know for collection and return.


Finally, the document is filed automatically against the relevant parent or student within the Daybook.

All completely automated. Nothing lost, with everyone who needs to know, knowing.


Whatever the form, whatever the workflow, whatever the level of required authorisation, and whatever the confidentiality, everything can be handled within Engage’s paperless capability and stored within Engage for a permanent record.

No more lost paperwork, no more hunting, no more searching the filing cabinet, no threat of data protection violation.

Think of the time saving.

With the school creating its own forms, it turns the dream into reality, a Halcyon dream.

For further information, please contact Peter Heginbotham.

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