ELF – new 2019.01 version

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Engage LURITS Feed

Engage LURITS Feed

On 30 January 2019, an update to ELF (Engage LURITS Feed) was launched to match with the latest changes to SA-SAMS.

Key changes

Paul Rastall, Chief Technical Officer, said, ‘To align ELF with the latest version of SA-SAMS, many changes have had to be made.

‘With the help of the Deutsche Schule Internationale, Johannesburg, ELF 2019.01 has been tested and found fully operational, running without error and pulling the applicable 2019 data from Engage.’


The latest version of SA-SAMS required key changes to ELF, mainly relating to data level issues. In addition, ELF uses the Academic Year for all database activity.

2019.01 ELF is available as a download from the Support Centre. In addition, all customers have been contacted by our staff, this morning.

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