2018 Christmas support hours

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Christmas support

A quick note to confirm the support hours over the forthcoming Christmas period.

We’ll be working to our published Service Level Agreement for school support, which is tailored to the requirements we have gathered from schools right across the Engage family in South Africa.

The Support Centre will close on Monday 24 December 2018, at 1700 local.

Engage MIS support opens again at 0130 local on Wednesday 2 January 2019; at 0800 local on the same day for technical support; and 0830 local for our finance team.

If you foresee having any specific requirements between these times that would benefit from our attention, please do get in touch in the next week by raising a case on our HQ’s Support Centre or sending an email on support@doublefirst.com

And of course, please don’t forget there are comprehensive resources on our Support Centre, available to all Engage users, 365/24.

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