Engage 2018 IT Seminar

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Impressive speakers were at the seminar


‘A really interesting and challenging seminar.’ A comment repeated by many attendees to the Engage 2018 IT seminar.

Load shedding – but did it bother us?

Despite the morning’s unexpected load shedding, St John’s College’s standby generators kicked in and what was at first adversity resulted in a fun, educational and enjoyable day.

The seminar’s content

A number of specialist speakers addressed a room full of delegates.

Starting with a challenging and thought provoking presentation from Futurist Craig Wing, other topics included ‘What should a SMIS deliver?’, Microsoft BI (Business Inteligence), and ISASA’s Simon Lee discussing IT trends which will affect ISASA schools.

A good day out

The common thread was that the seminar was worthwhile and a good day out. Coffee and cakes were enjoyed in the sunshine, an excellent lunch was served, and networking opportunities were maximised.

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