Engage enables LURITS upload using ELF

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Engage LURITS Feed

Engage LURITS FeedThe LURITS report is demanded to be submitted quarterly to the Department of Basic Education by all schools in South Africa except those in the Western Cape. For many schools, this is a manual task taking many hours of administration time.

The Engage ELF

Engage is therefore really pleased to announce a new module, the ‘Engage LURITS Feed’ (ELF), with its fully automated submission capability via the third-party, government supplied SA-SAMS program.

Provided the required data is already in Engage, a single ‘press of the ELF button’ will upload the data into SA-SAMS making the submission and thereby saving hours of administrative time.

Please note that SA-SAMS is a third-party government provided product. Engage cannot therefore be responsible for, nor can hold any liability for not being able to pass data into SA-SAMS.

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